The idea architects

Fame Foundry

Setting the standard for business growth today.

Marketing Agency Finder

Connecting companies with agencies and artists.


Reinventing municipal management for the digital age.

Neighborhood Nation

Conquering the challenges of managing communities.

Fame Inferno

Creating a marketplace for sponsors and endorsements.

Block Knock

Redefining the Web.

Blue Cloud Technology

Revolutionizing the way business operates.

Idea Inferno

Setting innovation on fire.

Infinite Monkey Press

Empowering creative minds everywhere.

Nonprofit Plus

Building platforms to advance the greater good.

About Blue Circle Technology

At Blue Circle Technology, we develop powerful software. But more than that, we seek out
opportunities to solve problems, fulfill needs and create new possibilities.


Our mission is to build a better world through ideas – ideas that propel business growth, cultivate communities,
inspire innovation and bring people and technology together like never before.

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